In May of 2019 my world changed.   Ok, overly dramatic, I know, but not wholly untrue.  I went for a hike.  In the woods.  Alone.   Not uncommon for me.  I love hiking alone.  It was truly my serenity.  It fed my soul.   

But this day was different.   I fell.  I shattered my right leg in 5 different places.   I spent an hour on the phone with 9-1-1.   I’d like to tell you I was calm and rational.  I wasn’t.   After an hour they found me.   Could have been worse.  

Long story short, I survived.  I had 12 weeks of recovery in which I really was able to devote so much time to my art for which I am truly grateful.  The artwork on this page is the result of my soul dealing with the tragic loss of its serenity.  I may never go into the woods alone again, but I have my art which also feeds my soul.